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Space Nuclear Propulsion and Power by David Buden

Polaris Books is pleased to offer Space Nuclear Propulsion and Power, a three-book series on the history and technical specifications of space nuclear propulsion. Written by David Buden, an engineer whose career spans five decades of space nuclear research and development, these books offer a comprehensive overview of space nuclear power systems.

Space Nuclear Radioisotope Systems
by David Buden, Publication Date: August 2011 (ISBN 9780974144320)
[Paperback : List Price: $19.95, 166 pages]

   Radioisotope power systems have proven to be the most successful space power sources for operating in severe environments reliably and with impressive long-life capabilities. Two Voyager missions launched in 1977 to study Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, their satellites, rings and magnetic fields and continuing to the heliosphere region and are still functioning over thirty years later. Radioisotope power systems have been used on the Moon, have aided in the exploration of the planets and have exited our solar system. Their success is a tribute to the outstanding engineering, quality control and attention to detail that went into the design and production of radioisotope power generation units.

   Space nuclear radioisotope systems use the thermal energy from the decay of radioisotopes and convert this energy to electric power. Reliability and safety are of prime importance, with mission success depending on the ability to safely launch the systems with sufficient electrical power for the life of the mission.

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Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Systems
by David Buden, Publication Date: August 2011 (ISBN 9780974144337)
[Paperback : List Price: $19.95, 144 pages]

   Interest in manned flights to Mars has centered on using fission reactors as the heat source. The demands of such missions require rockets that are several times more powerful than the chemical rockets in use today. Rocket engines operate according to the basic principles expressed in Newton's third law of motion: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In a chemical rocket, hot gases are created by chemical combustion; in a nuclear rocket heating of the propellant in a nuclear reactor creates hot gas. In either case, the hot gases flow through the throat of the rocket nozzle where they expand and develop thrust. Extensive development effort has been expended on nuclear rockets. The nuclear Rover/ NERVA rocket programs provide a very high confidence level that the technology for a flight nuclear rocket exists. These programs demonstrated power levels between 507 MWt and 4,100 MWt and thrust levels of up to 930 kN. Specific impulse, a measure of rocket performance, was more than twice that of chemical rockets.

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Space Nuclear Fission Electric Power Systems
by David Buden, Publication Date: August 2011 (ISBN 9780974144344)
[Paperback : List Price: $21.95, 284 pages]

   The advantages of space nuclear fission power systems can be summarized as: compact size; low to moderate mass; long operating lifetimes; the ability to operate in extremely hostile environments; operation independent of the distance from the Sun or of the orientation to the Sun; and high system reliability and autonomy. In fact, as power requirements approach the tens of kilowatts and megawatts, fission nuclear energy appears to be the only realistic power option. The building blocks for space nuclear fission electric power systems include the reactor as the heat source, power generation equipment to convert the thermal energy to electrical power, waste heat rejection radiators and shielding to protect the spacecraft payload. The power generation equipment can take the form of either static electrical conversion elements that have no moving parts (e.g., thermoelectric or thermionic) or dynamic conversion components (e.g., the Rankine, Brayton or Stirling cycle). The U.S. has only demons trated in space, or even in full systems in a simulated ground environment, uranium-zirconium-hydride reactor power plants.

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Energy Victory
by Robert Zubrin, Publication Date: November 27, 2007 (ISBN 0974144304)
[Hardcover : List Price: $25.95, 336pages] [Paperback : List Price: $19.98, 357pages]

   In this compelling argument for a new direction in US energy policy, world-renowned engineer and best-selling author Robert Zubrin lays out a bold plan for breaking the economic stranglehold that the OPEC oil cartel has on our country and the world. Zubrin presents persuasive evidence that our decades-long relationship with OPEC has resulted in the looting of our economy, the corruption of our political system, and now the funding and protection of terrorist regimes and movements that are committed to our destruction. Debunking the false solutions and myths that have deterred us from taking necessary action, Zubrin exposes the fakery that has allowed many politicians - including current US president George W. Bush - to posture that they are acting to resolve this problem while actually doing nothing significant toward that goal.

Make sure to check out this books website at EnergyVictory.net

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Benedict Arnold: A Drama of the American Revolution in Five Acts
by Robert Zubrin, List Price: $9.95, 104pages, Publication Date: June 01, 2005 (ISBN 0974144312)

   Benedict Arnold was the greatest combat soldier of the American Revolution. Yet, in September 1780, in collusion with the beautiful Tory agent Peggy Shippen and British spymaster John Andre, he attempted to betray George Washington, the Marquis de Lafayette, Alexander Hamilton, and the critical fortress of West Point into Royal hands. This devastating plot came within a hair's breath of succeeding, and the fragile infant American cause was only saved by the chance intervention of three of the humblest and most improbable heroes ever to grace the annals of history. Exciting and dramatic, the tale of the Arnold conspiracy recounts the most perilous moment in the birth of the new nation, and plumbs the depths and the heights of human nature. Now, in the historically accurate play, Benedict Arnold, noted scientist and author Robert Zubrin brings this incredible and still meaningful story back to life.

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The Holy Land
by Robert Zubrin, List Price: $14.95, 304pages, Publication Date: November 15, 2003 (ISBN 0974144304)

Distributed by Biblio Distribution; Printed by Edwards Brothers, Ann Arbor Michigan; First Printing; 5,000 copies

   What if Americans were the terrorists, and a more civilized galactic superpower found it necessary to put us down? What if contemporary Christian ministers preached salvation through murder of pagan aliens, and the US government recruited children suicide-assassins for this purpose? If you were an American living in such a crazed society, and you knew the retribution such actions could provoke, what would you do? If you were a civilized outsider, how would you deal with these insane, yet potentially human, creatures?
   The Holy Land poses such predicaments, and more. Cast in a universe gone mad, the primitive Earthling POW Hamilton and his case officer, the sophisticated Minervan priestess Aurora, must find the way out, or neither side will survive. In this madcap role-reversed science-fiction satire on the War on Terrorism, the gloves come off, and all factions take their licks. Written with wit and verve by Heinlein Award winner Robert Zubrin, the author of The Case for Mars, Entering Space, and First Landing, The Holy Land takes science fiction back to its Swiftian roots. Rarely since Czech humanist Karel Kapek used his 1936 War with the Newts to satirize the appeasement policies of the great European powers, has the medium been mobilized to such pointed effect.
   Polaris Books is proud to announce the November 15 publication date of The Holy Land. We think you will agree that it is a remarkable and significant work. The Holy Land is a War with the Newts for our time.

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"Quick, witty satire--barbed and funny at the same time."
-Greg Benford, Hugo Award winning author of Timescape
"This is a book which, like many a classic Star Trek episode, takes on serious issues without, in any way, taking itself too seriously."
- Wil McCarthy, author of The Collapsium
"The Holy Land ingeniously highlights the absurdity of the Palestinian position."
- Daniel Pipes, Director, Middle East Forum; author of Militant Islam Comes to America
"Zubrin's out of control and very funny, and you never know whether he's going to poke precisely or slap you with a bladder. Striking out in all directions, The Holy Land demonstrates a righteous anger at human folly in the 21st century. It's a target rich environment, and Zubrin's an artist with a Thompson!"
- Greg Bear, Hugo Award winning author of Darwin's Radio
"The satirical target of this fast-paced science fiction adventure is "The Palestinian Conflict," a subject some would deem too serious for satire. Yet, because of the contradictions and colliding world-views embraced by the major players, it sometimes seems that the only responses possible for an intelligent, compassionate and informed observer are either deep sorrow or biting satire. In some ways, Zubrin expresses both of these in his work, but his overall optimism wins out to make this a tale of high adventure and deep humanistic insight."
- Heather Preston, American Mensa Ltd. Bulletin. - (Read full review Here)
"An underutilized strength of science fiction is that it is an ideal vehicle for satire. The Holy Land is science fiction satire in the tradition of Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., John Sladek, and James Morrow, effectively using wit and humor to frame important social issues. Author Robert Zubrin tells a story of the future to skillfully illustrate the absurdity of events transpiring in the world today. (This is quite a departure for Zubrin, a renowned expert on the planet Mars and on space travel, whose only prior novel, First Landing, concerned space travel to the planet Mars.)"
- Aaron Hughes, Fantastic Reviews, Science Fiction Review - (Read full review Here)

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